The 1980's

I wrote my first computer program at age 6 using a Commodore 64K computer- a bouncing ball.

At 7yo, I wrote software for my 2nd grade teacher- an Apple //e bingo card generator that used weekly vocabulary terms.

Coding a hexadecimal shape table to allow joystick to control character.

ABOVE: 12yo - Coding a binary shape table to allow Apple //e joystick to control character.


I now develop enterprise PowerShell solutions that create quantifiable business value.

Reducing operational expenses, eliminating excessive license costs, raising security posture, preventing costly human errors, at the end of the day, the PowerShell projects showcased here allow corporations and government organizations to do more for less, and that is a formula for financial success in any scenario.

PowerShell to me is not about scripting, it's about solving problems that leadership can easily understand in a single sentence, no technical skills required.

Have a look around, I created this site for you.

Corporations Using My Solutions

My PowerShell solutions have been adopted in the past year by these 3 globally recognized, multi-billion dollar corporate powerhouses, who each are known themselves for excellence in technology.


Best Buy

$40B/yr Technology Retailer

Consumer credit card data is safe on Black Friday due to architecture I POC'd as their sole Microsoft Azure engineer in 2017-2018.



$125B/yr Software Retailer

A lead Premier Field Engineer tasked me with creating an PowerShell application adopted by PFEs and Unified Support customers in 2019.



Purchased for $27B in July 2019

25K former Thomson Reuters employees had their laptops and O365 silently migrated to the cloud and rebranded using my "magic pill".

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